Movavi  screenshot

Movavi Video Editor is a perfect video editing solution for beginners and enthusiastic amateurs to create spectacular videos. The video editing software is available for Mac and Windows and provides plenty of features to edit a video into a unique masterpiece.


  • Trimming, Cropping, Merging Clips
  • Transitions, Filters, Effects
  • Music, Titles, Stickers
  • Chroma Keying
  • Motion Tracking & Stabilization Tool
  • Advanced Color Correction
  • AI Background Removal & Denoiser
  • Audio Enhancement & Effects
  • Direct Upload to YouTube, Google Drive, TikTok


An annual subscription for $54.95/year per user or a lifetime license for $79.95 per user (one-time payment)

Free Trial Available


Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • The video editor by Movavi has a clean and smooth UI. Great software for beginners for quick and easy video editing.
  • Really glad to discover an editing option “for the rest of us” that offers flexibility without having to learn a complicated program.
  • Excellent software to use for various video editing needs. It's wonderful that it provides instructive lessons and great support for new users.
  • As a beginner in the editing industry, Movavi is pretty easy to use and its visuals are simple and not distracting.
  • Experience with Movavi influenced me to stay organize and creative. The software is easy to navigate and helps me do what I like.


  • The product quality is great, everything comes down to the price.
  • The price of the software does not match the level of performance and smoothness I expected.
  • The free trial version has a watermark and exports only a half of audio length.
  • Used this video editing software for 3 years, but the newest version is laggy and accidentally stops responding in my experience.
  • It seems like Movavi isn't built for editing large video projects. Occasionally, the program can be slow and freeze up, which gets really annoying.