Chameleon is a platform for product success, empowering SaaS teams to build better user onboarding, feature adoption, and feedback collection. Use Chameleon to build, manage and improve product experiences for your web application without writing code.


  • Onboarding Editor
  • Custom Styling
  • User Segmentation
  • Trigger-based Personalization
  • Product Tours Cues
  • Product Tours Analyses
  • Integrations


Pricing varies depending on number of users: Chameleon Pricing

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G2 Score

4.4/5 (out of 69 reviews)

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • The product is straightforward to use and has an intuitive UI that shortens the learning curve drastically.
  • The builder is very easy to use and understand. I like how it's just a plug-in in Chrome and I can see and use the product just like my customer would.
  • The customer service at Chameleon is fantastic. They always respond very quickly and are always very quick to figure out the issue and help me find a solution to my problem.
  • Customizations on the modals are super cool and user-friendly.
  • I love its interface, the options it provides, and how good it is to make a tour with it that looks very professional.


  • Sometimes the software can be a bit finicky.
  • Sometimes an error shows up, or the area I am trying to attach to an element is not working.
  • Previewing your experiences can be difficult at times.
  • Sometimes not as clear as it could be for whether you are able to make tweaks without messing up anything that is live.
  • The Chameleon editor interface doesn't always work well, especially with dynamic data on the page.