Convert more free sign-ups into paying customers

Give your GTM teams the product usage insights to prioritize and convert the most engaged leads from a sea of self-serve free signups.


Sales reps do not have a good way to prioritize leads

  • Sea of self-serve free users
  • Random prioritization of leads
  • Missed sales opportunities

Your GTM teams should have visibility into product usage data to be able to prioritize accounts based on behavioral signals

Everything you need to accelerate self-serve revenue


Visibility into product usage

See what your free users are doing with your product, uncover points of friction and notice conversion patterns.


Prioritized lists of leads

Convert more free users into paying customers by identifying the most engaged users and reaching out at the right time.


Actionable Insights

Discover real-time, intent-based signals and get actionable insights based on product usage across the customer journey

Start converting more
free sign-ups into
paying customers