Loom is video messaging for work. Combining the expressiveness of video with the convenience of messaging, Loom is a new, more efficient and effective way of bringing your work to life and communicating with co-workers and customers. With Loom, you can record your screen, voice, and face to create an instantly shareable video in less time than it would take to type an email.


  • Activity/News Feed
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Annotations
  • Audio Calls
  • Audio Capture
  • Brainstorming
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Management
  • Customizable Branding
  • Discussions / Forums
  • File Sharing
  • Media Library
  • Privacy Options
  • Real Time Editing
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Screen Capture
  • Screen Recording
  • Search/Filter
  • Speech-to-Text Analysis
  • Video Capture
  • Video Creation
  • Video Editing
  • YouTube Uploading


Pricing varies depending on number of users: Loom Pricing

Free Trial Available


G2 Score

4.5/5 (out of 152 reviews)

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • It's super simple to record and share with everyone.
  • It has to be their chrome plugin. It makes creating video messages really easy, especially when you need to record a screen and getting into the app or platform can just take too long.
  • Loom is fast, easy to use, and very functional. I can start recording within 2-3 clicks that's awesome, and better than sending a thousand-word message explaining things.
  • Loom is a sophisticated screen recording app that is yet so simple to use. And the best part is that it is completely free for educators.
  • Loom allows you to record video, audio, or both. It also allows you to record your screen. Both the web app and desktop app are easy to navigate and use.
  • It's very light on the operating system and easy to use for anyone.


  • By default, it is set to switch on at start-up which is annoying. Also, once you close a video you are recording the app shuts down. It should have a master screen and then the video UI for a more optimized experience.
  • The pricing should be better, probably what they can do is price it higher, and get more free features and minutes for the free ones.
  • It limits the video to 5 minutes, I thought it should have been at least 10 minutes (for free).
  • I wish that the desktop app had a better interface or more options. If you do anything besides just record, it kicks you to the website.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to stop or pause the video are too much of a monkey grip.
  • The video quality becomes blurry when I record on my large 4k screen but it's fine when recording on my Macbook's screen.
  • The control area with the profile picture (if my webcam isn't on) is a bit too big, which covers quite a bit of the screen recording area.