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SuperTokens is an open source alternative to Auth0. Add secure, hassle free authentication to your app in 1 day. SuperTokens enables startups to launch quicker and focus on their core product offering.

Commerical Alternatives


  • Fully customisable frontend UI with default themes
  • Email & password login and forgot password flows
  • Email verification
  • Social login
  • Create, verify, refresh & revoke sessions
  • Follows all session best practices like using httpOnly cookies
  • Prevents common session vulnerabilities like session fixation, CSRF or brute force attacks
  • Detects session hijacking using rotating refresh tokens
  • Optimal performance - session verifications < 1 MS
  • Automatic JWT signing key rotation, without logging users out
  • Ability to get all sessions given a user ID
  • Reading session data on the frontend, securely
  • Manipulation of session and JWT payloads
  • Assign / edit roles to sessions
  • Read roles on the frontend and backend


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