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OpenProject is an open-source platform for team collaboration and project management. Agile teams can create and estimate stories, prioritize a sprint backlog and track tasks. OpenProject supports classic, agile as well as hybrid project management along the entire project life-cycle.

Commerical Alternatives


  • Project planning & scheduling
  • Shared Timelines, Calendars, Gantt charts, and Work packages
  • Product roadmap & release planning to plan, visualize and communicate roadmap
  • Task management & Team collaboration
  • Bug tracking, Filters, Workflows, and Custom fields
  • Time tracking, Cost Reporting, and Budgeting


Pricing varies depending on number of users: OpenProject Pricing

Self hostable



Siemens, The Linux Foundation, Greenpeace, Deloitte, Sanofi, Audi

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • It keeps track of every change, and a lot seems possible in terms of commenting and task descriptions.
  • The effort tracking feature is one feature of this application that I love the most. It is designed very efficiently that makes it easy for the users to use it.
  • It is an excellent tool if you want to manage projects, anyone can use it whether it uses Windows, Mac or Linux, it has a very good reach to the user because it is multiplatform!
  • It is the best organization and support tool through all stages of the project starting from the inception of the project to completion.


  • It has only basic system of permissions e.g. lack of privileges on levels lower than a project like on work packages or custom fields.
  • The external API is still underdeveloped.
  • One main thing that I dislike about this application is its inability to expand and collapse tasks. When a parent task has multiple children and it ranges over to multiple pages, it makes it difficult to track the tasks.
  • When trying to copy a work package from one project to another, the comments won't follow, even if the members are same.

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