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Metabase is an easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.

Commerical Alternatives


  • 5 minute setup
  • Let anyone on your team ask questions without knowing SQL
  • Rich beautiful dashboards with auto refresh and fullscreen
  • SQL Mode for analysts and data pros
  • Create canonical segments and metrics for your team to use
  • Send data to Slack or email on a schedule with dashboard subscriptions
  • View data in Slack anytime with MetaBot
  • Humanize data for your team by renaming, annotating and hiding fields
  • See changes in your data with alerts


The cloud version starts at $85/ month: Metabase Pricing

Self hostable


G2 Score

4.3/ 5 (33 reviews)

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • It has a great UX and is very straightforward to use, and advanced users can easily drop into SQL if needed.
  • Creating queries is much faster than any other comparable tool.
  • Functionality is very powerful, supports almost all data sources you would like to connect to it. Bugs are getting fixed quickly, a lot of updates with new functionality. Really love their answers section.
  • Very customizable and powerful for dealing with large data sets.
  • It is super easy to share with team members both on queries and also findings in real-time. It came super handy to check live stats with the whole organization and empower non-data folks.


  • Auto-completion is irrelevant, I need to create queries outside metabase.
  • Even though it is designed to write and to execute many of the descriptive statistics as well but it doesn't have SQL function for these descriptive statistics for e.g. MEDIAN function instead one has to use percentile function that too is supported with few DBs.
  • Canvas for dashboards is limited. Can't blend data coming from different data sources.
  • Lower support of MongoDB, variables missing in simple questions.
  • The GUI tool is very basic/ minimal. This restricts its use to only technically sound users i.e. those with SQL coding knowledge.
  • The drag-drop experience of elements in dashboard view can be better.

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