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Jitsi is an open-source platform for voice, video conferencing and instant messaging applications for the web, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. It's also encrypted, and doesn't sell your data.

Commerical Alternatives


  • Android and iOS apps
  • Audio-only option
  • Telephone dial-in to a conference (if Jigasi is setup)
  • Dial-out to a telephone participant (if Jigasi is setup)
  • Integration in other apps / websites
  • Lock a room with a password
  • Screen sharing (if jidesha is setup, only required in Chrome)
  • Streaming a conference to YouTube live (if Jibri is configured)
  • Auto-view the active speaker or click on any attendee to see their video
  • Text chatting (web only)
  • Play a YouTube video to all attendees call
  • Shared text document based on Etherpad
  • Raise/Lower your hand for attention
  • Participant talk-time statistics
  • Push-to-talk mode


Jitsi pricing

Self hostable


G2 Score

4.3/ 5 (53 reviews)

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • The user interface is very smooth. I like that you are able to share youtube videos so smoothly.
  • If you are looking for a light, easy-to-use video conferencing tool, Jitsi is a must-have. Simply choose a "room" name and share it with your participants. Everyone can easily access the shared space and start the conversation.
  • The best thing about jitsi is its screen-sharing feature and also that you can create my conference room of any proper name and invite people to it.
  • Easy to use, excellent for small groups.


  • It'll need to add file sending support in chat (images, files) as well as maybe more fine control over audio & video (for example: bitrate switching, stereo and multi-channel audio mode, etc).
  • Hope the background blurring feature gets better with time.
  • Sometimes it gets hanged on mobile app, need to restart the application
  • Stability and bandwidth issues, even on a self-hosted server, seem to cause some problems with heavy usage, unfortunately.
  • Maybe there is a slight delay in some audio opportunities when conducting meetings and video conferences, they should improve this to give the best performance to the user.

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Apache License 2.0

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