Sprinklr is an online solution that offers a complete social media management system for the enterprise. It prides itself of having helped the world’s largest brands in their efforts in marketing, advertising, care, sales, research, and commerce on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and 21 other online channels around the world.


  • Social Publishing & Engagement
  • Distributed
  • Conversational Commerce
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G2 Score

4/5 (out of 712 reviews)

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • Sprinklr is by far the most comprehensive tool on the market, and there will undoubtedly be a way to build your desired workflow.
  • Sprinklr really ensures customers' posts and messages are filtered through based on certain keywords and analytics, which helps me better assist my customers.
  • We work with over 8 different brands and 12 supported languages, and sprinklr is quite well done to support that much load at once.
  • Gets the job done, lots of information, attractive dashboard.
  • In a blink of an eye, I can have a clear understanding of the case, even if I jump in at mid-conversation with the customer.
  • I like the simplicity to the tool. It is easy to use and gets the job done each day. I love how easy it is to reschedule posts if needed.


  • I dislike that I can not see more about the person.
  • With the amount of functionality available, it is not the easiest tool to use for those who are getting started.
  • The user environment is a bit chaotic.
  • The UX is really complicated, unnecessarily confusing. 3 places to create dashboard with diferent filters, but in the end you can have the same data displayed on all of them.
  • Sometimes it feels that there is too much of a tool.
  • I'm not a fan of how glitchy Sprinklr is.

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