Prisync is a competitor price tracking and automatic repricing engine that is ideal for businesses of any size and freelancers in the e-commerce industry. With Prisync’s intelligent price tracking feature, your business can have an edge against the competition.


  • Price Monitoring
  • Repricing Engine
  • Unlimited Competitor Monitoring
  • Updates 4 Times a Day
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Prisync API


Pricing varies depending on number of users: Prisync Pricing

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G2 Score

4.8/5 (out of 71 reviews)

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • The Prisync software continues to improve year on year adding new features and helpful ways to track our competitors pricing.
  • Prisync is being very good for my brand's MAP Monitoring.
  • They follow up on the existing issues by e-mail and the chat transcript is always sent. They contacted me for new feature requirements and we had a very productive conversation.
  • Is very ease ti use and you can compare all your competitors price in a view, nad adjust your prices automatically in your web dipending on the competitors price with the rules you need.
  • The customer service is impressive, everyone is very helpful.
  • When I used Prisync, I can compare the pricing of many competitors, and they will be separated by online and offline price; I will be flexible to make my reports.
  • Nice price views, filters and reports on this platform.


  • Pricing somewhat more expensive than competitors.
  • There have been only a few instances where a price wont be pulled despite having the correct URL.
  • The info out of the competitor check in Google isn't always right and is still a point to improve.
  • There are a lot of functions in this tool. So there is a learning curve for you understand all of the functions.
  • Slightly clunky work flow for SmartMatch functionality requiring a separate data sheet.
  • Can't download the uploaded links. Some improvements are needed for rapid managing of dead links.
  • Implementing the API into the CMS is very tricky and will require back end development.