GaggleAMP is an employee advocacy and communications platform designed to empower employees and stakeholders through social selling and social media amplification to increase share of voice, press opportunities, and marketing campaign performance.


  • Gamification
  • Personalization
  • Dashboard
  • Leaderboards
  • Rewards


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G2 Score

4.4/5 (out of 188 reviews)

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • I love that I'm able to encourage our team to support employer advocacy on social channels.
  • GaggleAMP is such an easy way to increase your social media exposure. It gives you a solution for the most common reasons people don't engage on social: I don't have time or I don't know what to say.
  • GaggleAMP has a great interface for adding social media posts to their platform.
  • Easy to access posts from multiple platforms and share them via our own accounts.
  • The UI is pretty good, and easy to use. The Slack integration is really helpful. They've been very responsive when it comes to making improvements.
  • Gaggle provides an easy way for us to get our employees to share our content and assets on social media.


  • The lag! It takes a bit of time from when we post on our company LinkedIn page and then go into Gaggle to try to get employees to share that post.
  • Reporting could be a little more user friendly, although it delivers what is needed.
  • The only downside is the cost — advocacy tools across the board are more expensive than executives expect.
  • Some posts that employees reshare do not keep tagging and sometimes links are dropped. There are also times when a hashtag is missed in reposting and shown as only text.
  • Can't set automatic rules to kick people out for inactivity. Not cheap! ,Does rely on an active content team to drive it. I would like to let users chose their own tags.
  • I wish the cost was lower. The tool is very easy to use but it gets pricey to have our whole team on Gaggle.

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