Optimove is a tool that helps businesses scale their CRM Marketing and get repeat customers, leading to exponential growth. It provides businesses with Analytics by collecting, curating, engineering, and deriving insights from data, enabling them to understand customers and also understand what drives their behavior.


  • Relationship Marketing Hub
  • Analytics
  • Decisioning
  • AI Bot
  • Add-on Products
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Integrations


Optimove provides a custom pricing package by quote.

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G2 Score

4.5/5 (out of 70 reviews)

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • Works seamlessly with a number of email and SMS providers. Excellent customer support and proactive assistance from the Account Managers.
  • Easy to use platform which puts me entirely in control of all of our marketing campaigns.
  • It's very versatile in terms of segmentation/targeting customization. It's easy to set up campaigns uni or multi-channel.
  • Optimove provides easy to read and transparent analytics, which allow us to check the performance of each campaign separately as well as compare target groups and and analyse customers' migration.
  • Optimove enables us to grow our retention and monetisation activities while allowing us to save on development costs.
  • With this software, it is conceivable to calibrate what is important to see more results with leads.


  • Exporting data could be a little more automated/streamlined.
  • It does not show the list of Opted out players. Promo ID's not showing on Optimove or the target group is not reflecting the correct customer data.
  • It takes time for team members to understand the differences in terminology and reporting.
  • I would like Optimove to have real-time data updates and the possibility to assign a different promotion code while using multiple templates.
  • It takes too long to refresh a template when i need to send a mailer
  • You cannot delete an email or action template if you have used it once. Over time you can find a great list and it's kind of annoying

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