Whatagraph is a marketing performance reporting solution that can help simplify your analytics and reporting tasks using an automatic data visualization functionality. It can instantly transform social media and website content into robust yet simple and clear infographic reports.


  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Data Integration
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Predefined Templates
  • Private Dashboard
  • Public Dashboard
  • Visual Analytics
  • Widgets


Pricing varies depending on number of users: Whatagraph Pricing

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G2 Score

4.6/5 (out of 189 reviews)

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • Whatagraph shows all the reports in one report, which help SEO agencies to present the monthly reporting to the client in a single file. Customizing the report is easier.
  • Whatagraph saved me a tremendous amount of time on client reporting. I have tried and tested numerous other reporting tools and ended up choosing Whatagraph using it for the last few years.
  • Creates clean dynamic reports quickly and easily. Whatagraph quickly provides figures from a range of sources which makes reporting to clients a dream.
  • The customer service is excellent! Whenever I have a question, they respond quickly.
  • Switching to Whatagraph made a huge impact on our company. Both for our clients and our team. Gone are the days of hand creating reports or using a clunky reporting platform.
  • Whatagraph was extremely helpful to me when I stepped into the role of Social Media & Content Coordinator.


  • I hope that Whatagraph will soon become GA4-friendly. I am also surprised that the tool still does not recognize UTM tracking.
  • Sometimes some of the widgets kind of tweak out and no longer populate data.
  • If you don't have multiple (good) clients it can be pricey.
  • Sometimes the data sources or access points disconnect, and you need to connect them again and again for them to work; that's a little annoying.
  • Limited sources for each tier of membership. Pricing is also a little high for our clients but we only have 6 in which we report on in the mean time.
  • Little Slow when editing the report. It Could be better if you increase the speed when editing the report.

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