We help product-led companies deliver magical customer experiences.


Our mission is to enable businesses to accelerate revenue. We do this enabling them to adopt product-led growth, and deliver incredible customer experiences.

Every. Single. Time.

Growth marketing software today is clunky.

It is a privilege to get a message from a customer. Or a question from a potential customer.

An opportunity to connect, and to delight.

But it doesn't feel that way. It feels like a chore.

Hubspot, Intercom and Drift are great tools, but you don’t have access to product usage data.

Without product usage data, you:

  • Lack visibility into new signups and their usage patterns
  • Find it hard to connect the dots between usage behavior and sales opportunities
  • Have to guess which customers have the highest likelihood to buy, and prioritize randomly

This makes it harder to grow.

btw is a product-led marketing platform to understand, engage and convert your visitors into customers.

As a business, you should focus on solving your customers' problem- everything else should be btw.

We're rethinking marketing software from the ground up. Starting with live chat, event auto-capture and PLG insights.

A new product-led way to accelerate your revenue.

Oh, and we'll be open core (Github launch in Jan 2022). So you’ll know what's happening with your data.

Deepti & Sid
Co-founders of btw

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