Sprout Social is a social media management and optimization platform for brands and agencies of all sizes. The platform gives you a single hub for social media publishing, analytics and engagement across all of your social profiles.


  • Social Analytics
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Publishing
  • Social Listening
  • Social Automation
  • Social Collaboration


Pricing varies depending on number of users: SproutSocial Pricing

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G2 Score

4.3/5 (out of 1491 reviews)

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • We've recently become Sprout Social users and the robust feature set is exactly what we were hoping for in a social media management system.
  • Its reporting capabilities are fantastic, especially when you hook up multiple platforms and examine performance across platforms.
  • Sprout is a super-powerful social analytics, scheduling and content curation platform.
  • How easy it is to share among the team and get feedback on specific interactions.
  • I loved how easy it was to schedule posts, find curated content, and run reports on analytics and performance.
  • There are lots of cool features and we have the ability to easily access the various features of each social media platform.


  • There are too many buttons and navigation bars in the platform, so it could be difficult to navigate the platform at first.
  • Tagging companies and users. It was not possible to tag individual users from with the platform for LinkedIn.
  • Many functions are extra-cost add-ons. I understand the "why" of the model from their standpoint, but it's imperfect from my side of the table.
  • If I could find anything to dislike about Sprout Social, it would be the cost.
  • As a first-time user, Sprout is a bit overwhelming at first. It's hard to know where to start with all of the different capabilities.

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