Termly started by providing businesses a simple and easy way to comply with data compliance regulations through policy generation. Since then, Termly has grown to be an all-in-one solution by expanding our policy offerings and incorporating consent management for SMBs around the globe.


  • Privacy Policy Generator
  • Terms and Conditions Generator
  • Refund & Return Policy Generator
  • Disclaimer Generator
  • Cookie Consent Manager


Pricing varies depending on number of users: Termly.io Pricing

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G2 Score

3.8/5 (out of 13 reviews)

Reviews (Snippets from G2)


  • The simple question process makes the service easy to use.
  • The understand what is needed when you select the correct contract.
  • Easy to use and very comprehensive policy generator.
  • I like template based integration into our website enforcing compliance.
  • Very easy to customize policies, deploy to site, and gain compliance.
  • Great website and customer service and seems very professional.


  • Limited to adding additional information we might want.
  • We are unable to use our own wording for the banner.
  • I wish they had additional legal templates like video and digital property release.
  • Termly is growing rapidly and soon this will not be an issue, but I would like to see some additional policies that are tailored to certain types of websites or industries.
  • The features were comprehensive and would like to see more video tutorials.
  • Limited customizability of the look and feel of the policies and popups.