We help product-led companies accelerate revenue.


Our mission is to enable businesses to accelerate revenue.

We do this by empowering GTM teams with product usage insights to prioritize and convert the most engaged leads from a sea of self-serve free signups.

Growth marketing software today is clunky.

It is a privilege to get a customer to sign-up. Even if they haven't paid yet.

An opportunity to convert, and to delight.

But it doesn't feel that way.

There are lots of great tools out there, but your GTM teams still don’t have access to product usage data.

Without product usage data, your GTM teams:

  • Lack visibility into new signups and their usage patterns
  • Have to guess which customers have the highest likelihood to buy, and prioritize randomly
  • Find it hard to connect the dots between usage behavior and sales opportunities

This makes it harder for you to grow.

btw is a platform for product-led sales. We enable you understand what users are doing with your free plan or free trial and prioritize accounts that are ready to convert.

To accelerate your revenue.

Deepti & Sid
Co-founders of btw

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