A lot of folks have been asking why we're building btw

There are 200+ odd tools out there for live chat.

We’ve tried the paid versions of 5+ of the popular tools for inbound marketing as a SaaS business and none of those were right for us.

So we built internal tools within Adaface.

btw helped us understand our customers at Adaface, and we’ve seen 5x growth in 2020.

We’re now open sourcing btw, to share what we’ve learnt in the process.

btw is an open source platform to understand, engage and convert your visitors into customers.

Here’s what’s important to us:

beautiful product icon

A beautiful product, that looks and feels good to your team and more importantly your customers

managed hosting icon

A seamless 1-snippet install into your code and 1-click deployment for managed hosting

open core icon

Giving you power over your data by open sourcing the core platform and capabilities with user-friendly documentation

The v1 of btw will go live in July 2021.

Deepti & Sid

Co-founders, btw