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💬 Live Chat

Reach your customers personally and build better relationships

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Easy to use

Provide immediate responses, or collect a visitor’s contact details to respond later.

Slack integration

Receive notifications, and reply to incoming messages directly from Slack.


iOS and Android apps

Respond to customers on the go- through your iOS and Android devices.

📋 Event Auto Capture

Spend less time setting up tracking, and more time analyzing product usage to understand your customers.

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No setup

Capture all digital interactions like page views, button clicks etc. as soon as script is installed

Real time updates

Discover real time intent-based signals based on product usage across the customer journey


Detect patterns

Notice patterns over time- which actions correlate with conversion?

📈 PLG Insights

Get actionable insights from product usage data to engage and convert your customers more effectively.

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Hot leads

Use product usage data to surface your top self-serve signups.


360° customer journey

Receive notifications, and reply to incoming messages directly from Slack.


Close deals

Equip your team with the insights they need to convert free users into paying customers.

Take control of your data and protect your customers’ privacy

In a world with GDPR, PDPA and cookie laws using a third-party live chat software is a privacy concern. btw gives you full control of all the data from your users and allows you to run powerful analytics risk-free.

We made the decision to go open-source because we want to enable every company in the world to have easy access to inbound marketing software that they can use at scale without having to send data to third party solutions.

The open source version will go live on Github in Jan 2022.

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