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Live chat: Scale your customer support and be there for your customers

btw offers open core live chat, so you can grow your business and delight your users throughout the customer journey. Rich customer profiles for your support team to have context on who they're talking to.

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Auto capture: Spend less time setting up tracking to understand your customers

btw will automatically capture every click on your front-end, and eliminate the need to add custom code to track events. You can label important events after they’re captured.

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Analytics: Measure your performance and convert your customers

btw gives you insights into individual customers and their journey to help build product intuition early on, and understand what's working and what's not. It also shows you the big picture on how your website and support team are doing.

Take control of your data and protect your customers’ privacy

In a world with GDPR, PDPA and cookie laws using a third-party live chat software is a privacy concern. btw gives you full control of all the data from your users and allows you to run powerful analytics risk-free.

We made the decision to go open-source because we want to enable every company in the world to have easy access to inbound marketing software that they can use at scale without having to send data to third party solutions.

We built btw as an internal tool to help us understand our customers at Adaface, and we’ve seen 5x growth in 2020. We’re now open sourcing btw, to share what we’ve learnt in the process.

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